Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking shape

It's been 10 days since my last post - we went to the site over the weekend and walked through the skeleton of our new home. As you enter - the dining room is on the left and a coat closet is on the right. Down the hall on the right is the entrance to the guest bathroom with bedrooms on either side. The bedroom on the left opens into the screen porch (not built yet). Back in the hall continuing on is the great room which will have a gas log fireplace and built-in cabinets and opens to the back deck. The kitchen, pantry and utility room are off the great room. The master bedroom and bathroom are located on the left side of the house.

Left side - Garage on the right
Left front - Garage window in front
View from the street

Looking into the garage

Left rear - will be screen porch & deck

Right front - will be covered porch

Right rear

Right side
View into the dining room from outside
View of the entry from front door
View into the screened porch from bdrm

Kitchen & hall from great room

View of screened porch from bdrm

View of backyard from great room


  1. I'm trying again. Wish me luck

  2. Well, my "test" was published...Must have been a fluke yesterday.
    Anyway, everything looks just great and I hope the rain doesn't stall any progress. As I said, "Hi, Rosanne" #4 : )
    Gorgeous view out of the window in the great room.
    Everything is "lookin' good". Keep us posted.

  3. It looks fantastic congrats

    Greetings from Norway

  4. Gee whiz...I look, almost every day, to see if you've posted any new photos. None, phooey. : (
    Looking forward to seeing your progress.