Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taking shape - part 3

It's only been a week since we were at the property this time. The builder is keeping the pace and quality constant. The house is now wrapped with the weather protection system "TYPAR", check out the specs: pretty cool stuff. The roofing material is going on - 40 year composition. Most of the windows are in also. Can hardly wait to see it next week!

Viewed from the backyard
Left side

Garage door on the left-window in front
Another view from the left
Roofing materials being delivered
Greatroom/Master Bdrm windows
and french doors(not installed yet)
Opening on bottom for storage under
Deck will be installed later
Viewed from front
Viewed from down the street
Viewed from left
Viewed from the backyard
Viewed from the backyard
Screen porch on the left
Decking not installed yet

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  1. Gosh, it really is coming along nicely. I hope, for your sake, the weather holds up. Your contractors are doing a "mighty fine job". Always glad to see the current pictures. Keep us posted so we can join you in your journey.