Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taking Shape - Part 6

The wet and cold weather has slowed the progress for a while. We've had better weather lately so the guys have been doing outside as well as inside work. The furnace and all the duct work is in. The pads are poured for the air conditioner, propane tank and the rear deck stairs. Most of the siding is up and they are putting the stone up in the front. The electrical and plumbing have been approved by the county so the insulation is in all the walls (even interior), floors and ceiling. All the walls and ceiling are sheet rocked. They need to get heat in the house before they can tape and texture.

There has been a ton of work done on the interior. It's really coming together.
Looking in the front door
Transom over the front door

Viewed from the great room - Entryway
on the left, kitchen on the right, dining
room through the kitchen
Viewed from the great room - Entry to
master bedroom on the right, pantry
and laundry room in the center,
kitchen on the left

Dining room viewed from the kitchen
One of the dormers in the dining room
Guest bathroom and hallway viewed
from the kitchen
Looking out the front bedroom window

Great room viewed through the kitchen
from the dining room

Lowered ceiling in kitchen

Kitchen - dining room through the door

Dining room ceiling - dormers L&R
Viewed from the dining room
Viewed from dining room
Laundry room & pantry on the right
Kitchen & dining room on the left
Door to garage in the center
The great room and the screen porch are things we haven't had in previous homes. We are excited about having them in this one. We can have the whole family over now and have plenty of room to stretch out.

Great room viewed from kitchen
Great room viewed from kitchen

Great room
Great room - screen porch out the door

Great room - high ceiling

Great room

Great room - gas log and area for
built in cabinet

Pictures of the screen porch

Screen porch - left door to great room
right door to back deck
Looking out back from screen porch

Left to great room right to deck
Looking into the back bedroom from
screen porch

Looking out back
Looking out the side
Security door for the screen porch
View of back deck from screen porch

Entry to back bedroom from
screen porch
Screen porch  under construction

Another view from out back
Screen porch


Pad for air conditioner
Landing for back deck stairs
Pad for propane tank

Pad for propane tank

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  1. Yes, it really is coming along nicely. They've done a whole lot since you posted the previous pictures.
    Gosh, that really is a GREAT room...matter of fact it's a GREAT HOUSE. The rock work is gorgeous.
    Really nice to have a screened porch. Sit out there, in the summer, and have a cold beer. : ) Looks like you'll be moving in pretty soon, at the rate the construction crew is working, although I know, there's still a lot to be done, but they seem to be moving pretty rapidly.
    RE: Followers...I've tried all that and I'm still up top all by myself. Can't get that "little hand" on followers, and yes, I am signed in on a Google account.Oh well, as long as I can click onto the blog, that's all that really matters.