Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost The End - Part 2

We were at the house late last week and they are really moving along. The bathrooms are 99% complete. They are working on the deck/porches and it looks great. Misc things on the interior need to be done. The plan is to be done this week then have the final inspection. Stay tuned.

Screen Room

Back Deck

Front Porch


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  1. "DONE THIS WEEK"!!!!...My goodness, you'll be enjoying your new home in no time. Think maybe you'll be in by Easter? Nah...Possibly by Mother's Day though. It seems like this whole journey went by so fast. I know, I know, not to you, but to me it sure did. I also know that you both will be so happy to get settled in and I can't say that I blame you. The closer it gets, to completion, the "antsier" you get right?
    Keep us the pictures.