Monday, September 27, 2010

Ongoing progress #3

We received word while we were out of town last week that the building permits have been approved and issued. Great news! Forms are being built for the foundation and the concrete will be poured in a week. The truss company has been contacted to bring the roof out in 30 days. We took a trip out to the construction site today. A number of our soon to be neighbors came by to say hello and tell us how impressed they are with our builder and his crew. They like the way he keeps the site organized and clean. It is exciting to see the house coming to life.

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  1. GEEZ, I don't look for a few days and the foundation is almost ready to be poured. I'll bet your brains are really fuzzy after choosing all the faucets, toilets, paint colors, etc. Lots to think about. And I thought it was tough choosing things when I just had my kitchen done. WHEW. But it's exciting anyway. Are you placing the kitchen on the back side of the house? After looking at the pictures, I can just picture you having your morning coffee and looking out at the beautiful trees. You never did say how many rooms you'll have. By the way, are you building a guest house, also : ) Joke.
    Really enjoy seeing your progress. Keep it coming.